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Good Guts; 
The truth of the matter; the facts 
'the good guts is you'll have a fabulous time' 

- Oxford Dictionary 


As you'll see above, the definition of good guts is the truth... with improved digestive health you'll have a fabulous time! I am Maria Lucey, the Nutritionist from Higher Health Wellness Centre. Good Guts is my latest venture, an online interactive platform for you to find everything related to gut health. I am hoping to make the complex world of digestive health problems simpler with my gut health solutions.


My motto; Learn. Improve. Thrive. encompasses everything I hope you will find here. Information for you to expand your knowledge and identify your individual gut health needs. The tools to improve your health, starting today, and continuing on for the rest of you and your families lives. Most importantly, I aim to see all of you thrive by healing your body from the inside out. 


The resources I provide here are many, including; an easy step by step guide to start your journey today, gut health and detox programs, e-books, recipes!!, events, webinars, consults (in person and online), supplements, non-toxic household products and of course ongoing support and advice. I have been working in the health industry for over 15 years, now a qualified functional medicine nutritionist and integrative nutrition health coach I am passionate about providing all my clients with the individualised support and tools they need to succeed. 


If there is anything I can do to assist you please see my contact page.

I hope you find Good Guts helpful in your search for better gut health. 


- Maria x


Start your gut Repair here...



I know from personal experience the journey to better gut health can be daunting. Every experience is unique and I believe in an individualised approach to ensure optimal results. 


 Below are four easy steps you can follow to begin your journey to better wellness.


Understanding the world of gut health and your individual needs can be very frustrating. Let me help you discover your gut health risk and the solutions.

Your journey to Good Guts starts HERE!! 


This quiz is a gut risk assessment, designed by myself to determine your personal risk for developing gut health problems. It enables me to get a more specific understanding of your needs so we can move forward in your journey. 

The results of your quiz present a score which indicates if you are mild, moderate or severe in your gut health issues. Book in a phone consult with me to go over these results and discuss any concerns you might have. This is an opportunity to ask questions and for me to make recommendations of where you can go next.

Head to my e-book's tab and purchase your copy of my Good Guts - A Nutritionist Perspective e-book. This book has been designed to give you the gut health basics in an easy read format.

Cost - $12.99 (Please note: If you complete Step Four and book a consult, the e-book is free!!) 

Once you've decided to move forward book in your 1 hour consult with me. As everyone has different digestive disorders that require specific action, this is an important step. It is important to individualise your program for optimal digestive health results. Here we can go closely look at your diet, products and suggested testing you may need to implement.
Cost - $147.00

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Are you ready to start your transition into the world of optimal gut health? 

Are you ready to reduce symptoms, increase energy, boost wellness, balance hormones, lose weight and feel amazing every day?? 

Start thriving with my range of gut health and detox programs. 

Don't worry... you won't be on your own.

I include tips and tricks, recipe guides, shopping lists, support, testimonies, e-books and more!!!


I understand making a change is not easy, which is why all my programs come with ongoing support. I'm here to help you achieve results. 

**These have been designed to target a range of digestive disorders. If you are unsure which is right for you, contact Maria today.  

4 Day Breakfast Detox






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