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Maria Lucey 

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4-week Good Guts online Program






General Health/Disease Prevention


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             ENQUIRY FORM

We are so happy you are here and are interested in gut repair through our program, on our good guts program, you are assigned a coach from Higher Health Wellness Centre.

If you are an existing member please contact your Mentor directly or reach out in our goodgutsonline Facebook Community Group.

For general information or inquiries concerning our program and or your order please contact us at:

please advise us in the comments box below the name of the person who referred you. 

E : or P : 0438 112 050  

              Collectively our Good Guts program will:

Boosts your metabolism & help control blood sugar levels which will make you feel fuller for longer, reduce cravings and make it easier to lose stubborn body fat.

Dramatically increases skin health by reducing redness, acne, psoriasis, rosacea and increasing skin elasticity which allows for softer & smoother skin and a beautiful complexion.

Soothes the stomach and assist with digestive disorders such as IBS so you can feel comfortable within your body knowing you don't have to run to the toilet as often.

Gets to the root cause of bloating rather than just treating symptoms so you no longer have to worry about fitting in the clothes you love or if you are going to look bloated and feel nine months pregnant.

Helps to kill gut infections like bacterial, candida, SIBO and parasites

Helps you have a strong immune system 

Helps with hormonal imbalances so your body can have healthy, pain-free periods, as well as calm your anxiety and mood around this time of the month.

**Please note our clinic hours are via appointment only. 

    All good guts clients can be seen at Higher Health in

    person or online or phone consults as per arranged.

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