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Heal your gut with our Good Guts pack and protocol.

Learn. Improve. Thrive 


Welcome to Good Guts.... your go-to platform for everything gut health. Here you will find various resources designed to expand your knowledge, boost wellness and optimise your digestive health, every. single. day.


It is my hope and mission to not just tell you, but show you how you can feel nourished and energised in your own home. For those of you unsure where to begin your journey, please see start here, I have a range of places you can start, depending on your concerns. I encourage you to explore this site and see all the information on offer.

So welcome to Good Guts, I can't wait to see you transform your life and watch your body thrive. 

- Maria


This groundbreaking program addresses dietary and lifestyle factors, incorporates quality foods and therapeutic products that change the gut environment effectively and quickly. By reducing the burden that is placed on your digestive system, while supporting your gut and major detox organs you achieve optimum gut health and all the associated benefits.


   Do you want to ...

  • Have great energy?

  • Be your perfect weight, confident and truly love the body you live in?

  • Reduce your gut health symptoms... including, reflux, heartburn or indigestion? 

  • Heal IBS symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhoea?


  • Feel Happy, focused and clear of mind?

  • Reduce seasonal allergies and allergies to food?

  • Heal your skin and enjoy clear, healthy, bright skin?

  • Heal your psoriasis, eczema or acne?

  • Heal your Hormones?

  • Increase your Immunity?

Good Guts

Maria Lucey 

Your Online Nutritionist

Maria Lucey is a nutritionist from the Adelaide Hills and founder of Higher Health International. A mother of three Maria is passionate about her families wellbeing, specialising in gut health, women's health, weight loss and hormonal balance. She has helped many women and their families from around the world live healthier, happier lives. Maria offers nutrition consults, one on one health coaching and presents health talks in Australia and America. But it doesn't stop there, Maria offers a range of online support including education, webinars,

e-books and health programs. 


Health and beauty start from the inside...

this is why we have a gut health focus.

So you can heal and feel amazing

Here at Higher Health we have a range of e-books to further support your daily journey to overcoming and thriving in gut health. 

Latest E-Book

Modere has a range of health, wellness and personal care products that are toxic-free, designed to restore balance to the body.  I recommend the Modere Range simply because... it's what I use to increase mine and my families digestive health and wellness.

Click above to learn more about what's on offer and how you can receive $10.00 off your first order!! A gift from me to you! 

Latest Testimonies
Melissa Young

In June, I attended the Healthy Good Guts workshop and I cannot stop raving about it to all my friends and family. I highly recommend Higher Health Wellness Centre and Maria Lucey’s comprehensive advice. If you’re food curious, have a stubborn health issue and motivated to make some changes, this is the place for you. In just a few weeks, after making some changes to my diet and trying the Modere Mineral and Aloe Drinks, my mood and energy levels have increased dramatically. Do your tummy and brain a favour, and book a consult with Maria today!

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