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Good Guts - A Nutritionist Perspective

Maria Lucey - Nutritionist - Inspiring Excellence in Health

Hello, Maria here Your Online Nutritionist from Higher Health and I am super excited to provide you with information about our ongoing Good Guts Online Training Seminars.

... I am happy to inform you that the Good Guts Training Seminar live via Zoom is this Thursday 23rd April 2020 @ 11am

... I have put together this 2 hour class for you to help you fast track your success ... Click on  the picture below to follow the link and register FREE for this Good Guts Training

Healing the gut can be complicated and confusing and does take time and diligence but it doesn't have to be hard. It actually can be pleasant, fun and enjoyable. Once you have the right information, support and get on e right track.

I have created "Good Guts - A Nutritionist Perspective" because I wanted to put it all together for my clients in a simple step by step program with guided support ... If you are struggling with any digestive complaint and haven't been able to get to the Bottom of it ... this may help

... If you would like to start healing and or you have made the connection that gut health is the precursor to all disease

... If you would like to stop suffering and start to fix issues like

... Constipation ... Gas and Bloating ... Diarrhea

... Reflux ... Indigestion ... Heartburn

... Heal from past Gut Surgeries

... Food cravings ... Low energy ... Chronic fatigue

... All Skin Issues - acne, rosacea, eczema

... Auto Immune issues ... Cancer

... Fertility ... Pain ... Arthritis

Yes you can start to fix digestive issues right now but remember you can also heal just about any health issue on the planet with a gut health focus. Now is the perfect time to start making changes to improve your gut health which in turn will improve your overall life. You won't want to be missing this life changing Training.

This event can help you gain optimal living because having a healthy gut is critical to the overall functioning of your entire body system ...The best part.... you're going to set yourself FREE from symptoms you thought would never leave - starting with this Complimentary Online Training Session on Thursday 23rd April @ 11am.

Click on the link and register FREE for this Good Guts Training normally $30

I am so excited following the results from the last event to share these invaluable health tips, helping people just like you create happier lives.

... What you can expect at the event ... Its all about boosting wellness and feeling nourished EVERY DAY!

... Within the two hours you will be left feeling ... happier ... more motivated ... and ... inspired to get started on you're own gut health journey ...

I will be sharing - The best foods for your gut - How "healthy food" could be keeping you sick - Why it matters to optimise digestion for health - What I did in my home

LIVE cooking demo with Gut Healing Soup and Detox Green Smoothie will not be available we will be showing a video instead

A healthy outside starts from the inside... attending this event will give you the kick-start to maintaining a well nourished gut, for now and the future ...

THRIVE with me ...

If you want Good Gut Health click on the picture below and follow the link to fill out the Questionnaire your information is confidential to you

It will provide you with a place to start - knowledge that you can use to improve your families health in days

I look forward to sharing this important and relevant information with you and to seeing you at the "Good Guts - A Nutritionist Perspective" Training Seminar - as you learn about improving your digestive health and setting yourself free from symptoms

Inspiring Excellence in Health

Your Online Nutritionist

Maria Lucey ...x

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